Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We finally see the Bloedel Reserve!

Jim and I have lived on Bainbridge for over 7 years now...never once have we been to the Bloedel Reserve.  Similarly, I grew up in the Bay Area and somehow, have never been to Alcatraz!  Anyway, the Anderson family (Bethany, Kristoffer, & Samuel) are members and invited us to join them for a Sunday afternoon there.  What an awesome place!

For those of you who aren't familiar with the island, it's a 150+ acre nature preserve which is absolutely breathtaking.  The original Bloedel Family home almost reminds me of the Von Trapp home in The Sound of Music...one of my all time favorite movies, so that was just a bonus.  There is a bird refuge, Japanese garden, and miles of serene trails.  It's a photographer's heaven, so no big shocker that nearly every person we encountered that afternoon had some real fancy pants photography equipment with them. 

Timmy and Samuel are like two peas in a pod.  They're about a month apart in age and seem to have similar personalities.  If parents have anything to say, they'll be thick as thieves someday.  While still a little too young for much playing together (more parallel play), they did get genuine enjoyment out of making their respective mommy and daddy run after them all over the Reserve!

I failed to capture Jim in the background chasing after Timmy...

Timmy enjoys riding on Daddy's shoulders about as much as he enjoys riding with Mommy in his Ergo!

When Timmy is not holding a ball, he HAS TO HAVE a stick.  I usually prefer a smaller one, less branches and all, but needless to say, I didn't feel like battling him over this one.
We are VERY into hand holding lately.  Happened almost over night but, he wants to hold my hand EVERYWHERE now.  Very cute...most of the time.

Timmy and Samuel checking out the waterfall and stream.
Dude is in desperate need of a haircut again...

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