Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A way overdue trip to Portland...PART 1

Most of you know that I would LOVE to be with Timmy 24/7...just not in the cards right now.  In the meantime, he goes to a great daycare on the island.  The teachers are great and he seems to enjoy himself there, which is all that really matters to me.  As much as I know they try to keep things clean and "germ free", you know those little tykes are like complete germ-bots and share all kinds of junk amongst themselves.  Now most of the time, my little guy is one healthy, happy kid.  Then...he gets croup.  Wheezing (which I know now is called a "stridor"), no ability to sleep or get comfortable, no appetite, and only wanting to nurse.  One of the longest weeks of my life, one of those nights being our scariest so far.  And just when I felt like things were getting back to normal, we wake up at 1:00 a.m. last Wednesday to Timmy projectile vomiting in his crib.  Apparently a 24 hour bug of sorts was running rampant at First Years and Timmy caught that too.  Thankfully, it left as quickly as it came...though with one parting gift, a nice passing onto Mommy! 

When we left for Portland to see Jim's family on Friday evening, all seemed great.  Timmy seemed 100% back to normal, so our trip was on.  We had an awesome day with Jim's folks, his sister, her husband, and our nephew Matty.  Timmy got to feed the ducks, spend a couple hours at the park, and help us pick out a new tent at REI.  (We have a bunch of camping trips planned with Timmy and I CANNOT wait!)  Timmy of course made a beeline for the bike display while we were there.  He loves all things mechanical and spends a considerable amount of time in our garage inspecting both mine and Jim's bicycles on a regular basis.  Anyway, he also noticed a shelf of little kid bike helmets and he decided he needed one.  Walked right up, grabbed one off the shelf (which by the way is a frickin' awsome one...orange, with pictures of dump trucks) and literally would not take it off.  So, back to my point, he had one hell of a day!  To top it off, he ate like a champ that night -- ribs, corn on the cob, baked carrots, and bbq asparagus.  These days are so rare that I feel the need to brag about them when they do happen.  (Trying so so so hard not make food a battle issue...)

All seemed well until I woke up multiple times Sunday morning not feeling...so good.  You know the feeling...achy, yucky, queasy, don't want to eat anything, kind of feeling.  What makes it so much more fun is when you get to throw up in the car the whole ride (3.5 hours) from Portland back to Seattle.  Thankfully, I am back to feeling 100% and looking forward to a weekend visit to see one of my best friends, Sarah, in Las Vegas next weekend.  She's getting married one June 5th in Manhattan Beach and I am beyond honored to be one of her bridesmaids.
Timmy loves to "drive"...okay, okay, I know it's a little white trash, but, since we live on such a quiet street, we sometimes let him sit in our lap and go from the beginning of our street, to the garage. 
I promise, this really is one of Timmy's favorite things, even if his facial expression suggests otherwise.

Feeding ducks at the park.

Timmy with his Poppy!
I wasn't kidding when I said Timmy WOULD NOT take off the bike helmet.  So...he got his bath with it on.  Next day, he jumped in puddles in the rain...with the helmet on.  He hates almost all hats, yet somehow, he LOVES his bike helmet. 

My camera batteries unfortunately fizzled mid-way through our trip so when I get Susan's pictures, I'll post up the rest.  Some cuties of Timmy and Matty playing together...


  1. The picture of Timmy with his helmet on in the bath is the funniest thing I've ever seen. It's so funny the things they decide to obsess over. Several times Chase has gone to bed w/ his shoes on.

    Oh well, we choose our battles, right?!

  2. no joke, i keep waiting for him to get over this whole helmet thing but it's still going strong. funny the things our little guys can be so quirky about! timmy likes to go to bed with his toy dump truck now...he's never been the cuddly stuffed animal type.


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