Friday, February 19, 2010


Okay, so normally February is kind of a blah month for us, especially living in Seattle.  I have wonderful memories of the Indian Summers (am I even allowed to say that anymore?) we used to get in the Bay Area where for a week, right in the dead of winter, we'd get this awesome break with 70-80 temps and tons of sun.  We haven't exactly gotten quite that warm but seriously, this has been one great month.  Timmy is spending HOURS of time outside and now that it's still light out when I pick him up from daycare, we can squeeze in another hour or so of outdoor time before we go inside for dinner.  Lately this has been spent pestering our poor neighboors Jennifer & Rupert, who Timmy absolutely adores.  If he even sees their garage door open, he literally sprints down there to say hello.  Rupert is already teaching Timmy about cars, and lets him rummage through drawers full of tools, nails, screws, hammers, you name it.  My kid is 100% boy and I love it! 
We met up with some of Jim's high school friends last weekend.  We decided to risk the weather and rented an awesome beach house in Pacific Beach for 2 nights.  It rained buckets on the drive out there...Jim and I were starting to worry that we'd have an army of little kids stuck inside all weekend long but within hours after arriving, the sun came out and we were blessed with pretty great weather.  The kids seemed to thoroughly enjoy playing together.  4 in total, 3 of which (including Timmy) were between 18 months and 2 years.  The oldest was Andrew (almost 4) and you could tell Timmy was trying so hard to impress him.  So cute!
...before we started eating the sand.  Timmy pooped the stuff for a couple days afterwards.

...and after we had our first bite of the good stuff.  Believe me, this wasn't even close to the last bite either. 

Come on, you HAVE to write your name in the sand.  Timmy's penmanship is remarkable.

Each trip we made to the water (our rental house was about a 5 minute walk away) we probably stayed a good hour outside after the rest of our party had gone home.  This kid LOVES anything outdoors...probably why I think the "nature preschool" offered by the Madrona School (on the island) would be such a neat experience for Timmy.  It's a Waldorf program and I'm super excited about it.

So  Jim and I don't let Timmy watch too much TV.  No Sesame Street, or whatever.  I just don't think he needs it.  However, we allowed him to watch a cartoon of Robin Hood with Andrew over the weekend and he couldn't get enough of it.  Poor Andrew, Timmy WOULD NOT back up from the screen...Jim just had to capture a picture of it.

Timmy's other favorite thing?  DUPLOS!!!!!!!!!  Damn, these things are expensive!  But wow, does he love them.  As soon as dinner is over, he practically races to the office because he knows he gets about 45 minutes of building time with Daddy.  I've been looking for some good deals on Craigs List and Ebay.  I'm always amazed at what my two dudes are able to build out of a Thomas The Train set and a fireman set.  Timmy's all about the sound effects too, for the helicopter, the firetruck, etc. 

Just a couple more updates:
  • Timmy now says "Oh noooooo" all the time.  And, he's always really dramatic about when he says it.  If he misses making a basket with his basketball (which is still his favorite sport, by far) he'll shoout out, "Oh nooooooooo"...except the Oh sounds kind of like Ah, if that makes sense.  It's hilarious.
  • He has mastered using the fork.  We went through a couple week phase where Timmy wouldn't eat anything if he couldn't eat it with a fork.
  • Jim and I took our first real "date" in 18 months and saw the Billy Joel/Elton John concert at the Key Arena.  We had his teacher from First Years, Miss Chris, over to babysit Timmy.  Just one word: Amazing!  Getting to hear Elton John sing Madman Across The Water and Tiny Dancer was just awesome. 

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