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December 2009 (Christmas...and Timmy's 1st haircut!)

This haircut was sooooooooo long overdue.  I was so much hoping my little guy's hair would be an absolute sea of curls (akin to Camilla, for those of you who ride the boat) and I could let it grow longer and be a beautiful shaggy head of hair.  Timmy's certainly got a head of hair...straight in some places, and crazy calics in others.  I still miss his weird hair but I'm okay with the new do.  Here's a before and after:

...entirely TOO many people telling me what a beautiful daughter I have, even when Timmy was dressed in the dudest of dude outfits.

He handled his big day like a total champ!  No fussing and no crying!

This year we spent Christmas with my Mom and sisters in Grass Valley (Tahoe foothills)...8 days and, as always, it went by too quickly.  Timmy had a great time with his crazy Auntie Lindsay and Auntie Erin (who I think were quite impressed with Timmy's quirky dance moves, especially his quasi "funky chicken" pivot...honestly can't think of better words to describe it.  He LOVED my Mom's cream cheese/orange cookies (and I don't care what you say Lindsay, those are the best.  And watch out, that Supershooter will find all kinds of ways to reappear in future Christmases), and also his Uncle Tim's spicy ribs.  Not sure if saying "spicy" describes it accurately enough though.  My little guy certainly doesn't care for bland anything.  I never could get him to eat a bite of rice cereal.  Who can blame him?  That stuff tastes like crap!  Anyway, Tim's ribs pack some heat, and Timmy couldn't get enough of them.  His face turned as red as a tomato (seriously) at the dinner table, and he'd do a series of coughs and gulps of milk from his sippy cup in between bites, but heaven help you if you tried to take one of those ribs away from him.  I'll end by saying he had a monster diaper the next morning.  (On a side note, Timmy's new favorite vegetable is barbequed peppers.  Between those, and the barbequed onions he especially enjoys, he is a non-stop farter!).

Timmy had a personal visit from Santa too.  My Mom's neighbor Dusty has a Santa costume that is absolutely out of this world.  Nope, wouldn't sit on his lap, and I wasn't about to force him, but he did end the visit with a high-five.  That's what the "big boys" do! 

About the only downside to the trip was the constant over-stimulation Timmy received.
Too much fun = Timmy doesn't sleep=tired Mommy & Daddy!

Thankfully the weather held up most of the week so Timmy could spend many hours of his favorite things, and could go on morning jobs with Daddy in the stroller...the ONLY time he will actually sit in one.  Jim has turned into a running fiend, frequently doing 5 mile runs and thinking about maybe doing his first marathon sometime this year! 

Pushing his new Radio Flyer from Grandma Nikki.  We could not get him away from this toy all week!

I love my Daddy's Blackberry.

Fiesting on Uncle Tim's SPICY ribs

Some of the most frightening Christmas sweaters I have ever seen: Lindsay, Tim, and Sean

Timmy's personal visit from Santa!

Timmy gave Santa a high-five at the end of his visit.  Absolutely hilarious!

Partial family picture

Lindsay...after realizing the biggest package under the tree, and for her, is really a 2nd SuperShooter my mom ordered off Ebay.  Ha Ha Ha Lindsay.

Timmy HAS to have stick with him when he is outdoors.  Doesn't matter what stick, any will do.  And he will literally hang on to it ALL DAY if we let him.

Playing cards with Daddy

I wish this picture wasn't so fuzzy.  Unless Jim is taking Timmy for a jog with the stroller, this is about as close as Timmy will get to the darn thing.  I caught this shot of Timmy "helping" Daddy push the stroller through SeaTac after we landed.

Timmy and I spent a nice, quiet New Years together.  Jim had the opportunity to spend New Years in Breckenridge, CO with friends (just slightly jealous) skiing, watching the Rose Bowl, and getting out of Seattle for a while.  My little guy managed to sleep through the arsenal of fireworks our neighbors let off at midnight and the neighborhood dog that barked up and down the street for AN HOUR afterwards.  We drove up to see my Dad and Joan on New Years day.  Grandpa Rick and Grandma Joan got Timmy a t-ball set and a golf set.  Jim's folks would be so proud!  Timmy hasn't quite got the coordination for the t-ball...yet, and right now the golf set is more of a quasi hockey game but the most important thing is that Timmy absolutely loves them both.  The fact that both games involve balls is a definite bonus.  Dad and Joan have 3 dogs and wow did Timmy have a good time with them.  He's learning what "gentle" means and thankfully didn't do anything too crazy to upset his canine friends. 

Jim has too many work trips back east than I care to think about over the remainder of the month...3 to be exact.  My Mom will be here for 6 days next week though and I can't wait! 

Guess that's it for now.  I think I've rambled for long enough.

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