Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby it's COLD outside!

This morning my weatherman tells me it's 18 degrees outside.  Shockingly, this is warmer than the 14 degrees we hit earlier in the week.  If it was snowing, I'd be okay with this cold.  There's not a cloud in sight though, so I suppose I shouldn't be complaining. 

November was another busy month for the Voss family.  We met up with Bo, Chelsie, and Lanie for an afternoon at the Pacific Science Center earlier in the month.  Now that Timmy is a crazy walking man, it's opened up another world of activities that he can enjoy.  His favorite section was the "tot" play area, complete with a room with nothing but metal bowls nailed to the wall that he could bang the crap out of, a water toy play area (with I had seen the water smocks apparently every kid but mine was wearing), and a huge soft play structure.  It was absolutely pouring that day, so this was heaven for Timmy. 

This room was amazing!  Timmy could make all the noise in the world.  We finally had to take him away from the fun though when he took 2 "headers" into the bowls within minutes of each other and had quite the forehead cut and red nose to prove it. 

Can you see how red Timmy's poor nose is?  Poor kid, although he could have cared less.  I think this came from a rug burn after a fall in the "bowl room".  He got a little too into banging everything in there.

Jim and Bo have been friends since grade school!  Yes, Timmy is wet in this picture.  He dumped an entire bucket on water on himself in the water toy play area.  Wish I had seen the water smocks they had available before this happened!

We spent Thanksgiving with Jim's family in Portland this year.  Timmy's cousin Matty is 5 months older than Timmy and I'm infatuated with him.  Timmy and Matty really seem to enjoy playing together.  Jim and I secretly laugh at the size difference between the two of them.  Granted there is a 5 month age difference but, whereas Matty is topping the charts for height/weight (he'll be 2 in March and is already wearing 3T clothes), Timmy is in the low 20th percentile for everything but head circumference. 

We had a great trip though, aside from the food strike Timmy threw for virtually the entire trip.  He's teething though (getting in his 2nd molar).  Susan made a fantastic meal and people seemed to enjoy the pumpkin pies I made...or at least opted not to tell me to my face that they didn't like them!  I'm choosing to go with the former.

It's impossible to get a picture (at least for me!) where everybody looks at the camera...usually Timmy. 

Matty and Timmy

It's a family tradition to get our tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  Since getting our tree at the cabin just isn't a possibility (which by the way is one of my favorite family memories), we head out to Seabeck to a great u-cut tree farm which has acres and acres of trees.  We always get a noble (Charlie Brown tree) so I can cram tons of ornaments on the tree.  People who know me well know that finding the "perfect" tree is no easy task (there will NEVER be a fake tree in MY house!!!) and thankfully Timmy was an absolute trooper that day.

Timmy with his Charlie Brown tree

I just thought this picture was hilarious!

Timmy absolutely loves the outdoors so I had the bright idea to bundle him up and do a trip downtown to ride the carousel in Seattle, sit on Santa's lap, and check out the lights in Seattle.  Bad idea.  Timmy did not enjoy riding the carousel AT ALL, the wait to see Santa at Macy's was around 1.5 hours (how could I have not seen that coming?), and Timmy pretty much pitched a fit most of the afternoon.  As soon as we got back on the ferry though, dude was one happy camper, running all over the place.  He's discovered the video game (you people who ride the boat like me know what I'm talking about)...was waiting for it to happen.  At least he's at the age where he has no idea that Mommy isn't actually putting in any quarters for him to play the game.  He just likes steering the wheel!

Just a couple other Timmy tidbits to share:

  • Little guy is climbing the charts!  He's gone from the 5th% for height and 15th for weight to 23rd% and 24th% for height and weight, respectively.  Jim says he's like an orange on a toothpick (no I do not think it's mean to say that!) because he's always in the 90's% for head circumference.

  • Timmy is apparently a biting fiend at daycare lately.  All too often when we pick him up at daycare we get an accident report.  They used to say something like this: "Timmy was playing with his friend, his friend tried to take Timmy's toy, so Timmy bit his friend."  I don't know why but I find it amusing that First Years always calls them Timmy's friend.  Love to know how he treats his enemies!  Anyway, now it's to the point where they just say, "Timmy bit another kid today".  At least Miss Jenny tells me that Timmy doesn't bite unless he's provoked. 

  • Timmy is quite the dancer!  He absolutely loves Christmas music so (don't laugh) we play the local Christian station a lot lately because they have 24/7 Christmas music between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's a crackup.

  • Timmy's basketball skills are getting really impressive.  He can now stand a good foot or two away from the hoop and just lob the ball in.  I'm trying to capture it on video so I can upload to YouTube but have been unsuccessful so far.

  • Jim and I have finally decided to give Timmy a haircut...this weekend.  His bangs are down to his nose so I figure it's about time.  The hair lady has warned me that I need to mentally prepare myself for the fact that my little guy is going to REALLY look like a "big boy" after I get this done.  It's a little bittersweet for me.  Will post some picture hopefully this weekend.
That's it for now.  Hope everybody is enjoying this time of the year as much as we are!

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