Friday, November 6, 2009


I love October. It might not be my favorite month of the year but, I love watching the leaves change color (Bainbridge is absolutely gorgeous right now), college football is in full swing, and its time for HALLOWEEN! Jim and I had a good laugh recalling how our lives were this time last year. I was exhausted, Jim was working really long hours, and Timmy was a text book colicky baby. It's good that we can joke about it now, especially since I feel we're all that much stronger for having gone through it all.

Timmy seems to hit more milestones everday. He can now say the following words: momma, dadda, more, book, dog dog, ball, basketball (sounds like ba-ball), bubble, uh-oh, and my personal favorite - roar! We read together all the time and he seems to really enjoy the touch 'n feel books lately. My stepmom got him a "wild animals" book and every time he sees the lion he says "roar!". Seriously, it's the cutest thing ever.

Timmy's laugh is infectious. Miss Jenny from his daycare told me the other day that my little man is the class clown. I am not the slightest bit surprised. For a boy that honestly did not laugh until he was 10 months old, he certainly has made a complete 180. He laughs at everything, and has the best belly chuckle when I'm tickling him.

I loved that Halloween fell on a Saturday this year. My mom is an excellent seamstress, something I wish now I had learned from her. We found a pattern for a lion costume and she searched high and low for the perfect fabrics, eventually purchasing faux fur off Ebay and sewing a costume that was the envy of many. Timmy hammed it up for everybody, saying "roar" every now and then. Bainbridge does a really great downtown trick or treat in the afternoon for the little kids. Timmy was seriously in his element. There isn't a shy bone in his body and he loves to people watch. He got a kick out of walking up to the shop owners, grabbing little bits of candy from them, and placing them in his baggie. Jim and I couldn't believe it that Timmy held on to his bag for dear life and not once did he pitch a fit! What a fantastic day.

What can I say? Timmy was the most ferocious lion ever and we had a blast!

Timmy getting candy from the T&C. He was hilarious! After he grabbed his first fistful of candy and placed it in his bag, he'd stand there, cute as ever, with a look on his face like, "do I get to grab more?" And no, we didn't let Timmy get his eat on with the candy. Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma took care of that for him!

There was a guy on stilts that Timmy was absolutely fascinated with. He must have stood there for 5 minutes just staring at him as he did all kinds of crazy tricks. No way could I get that kind of balance!

Giving the "stilts guy" a high-five.

Mom and I were amazed at the number of people taking their little ones trick-or-treating in STROLLERS! Timmy walked about half the time...all the way from Harbor Square to Bainbridge Bakers and back. It's a bit of a haul and he did it like a total champ! He did sleep nearly 13 hours that night though.

Seriously, Jim carves the best pumpkins, EVER.

Do I need a haircut? Kinda, yeah.

I love playing in the leaves!

Hallmark is my new favorite place...they give out free balloons to kids!

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