Sunday, October 4, 2009

another month goes by...

...and Timmy is a WALKING MAN!!! Nothing too steady just yet, but the little man is taking up to 20 steps at a time, usually dive bombing into my lap at the end. He looks so thrilled with himself, looking at his mommy with that "look what I'm doing!" mischevious grin. I am so incredibly proud of him.

Timmy's new fav' is his basketball hoop, courtesy of my dad and stepmom. With just a little assistance, Timmy's accuracy for lobbing balls through the hoop is pretty impressive. Maybe a future shorty basketball player???

Jim has been travelling a ton lately so I've been doing my best as the single mom lately. Some days I feel on top of the world and others, a complete failure. Something tells me I'll struggle with these feelings for the rest of my life!

if Timmy knew how cute he looks in his new hat, he'd be smiling

Daddy & Timmy saying "Go Beavs!" OSU rocked ASU this weekend. Cal...not so much. Their game against USC was so bad that CBS switched to another game in the 3rd quarter. Looks like another season hoping for the Rose Bowl is going down the drain.

I just liked this picture of Timmy

Oh boy, do I like spaghetti! This picture was taken BEFORE Timmy decided to rub the sauce through his hair..

We went up to see my dad and stepmom last weekend. They live right on the Skagit River and it is absolutely beautiful there. Can't wait till Timmy is old enough for Grandpa Rick to teach him how to fish!

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