Saturday, August 29, 2009


Timmy turned the big # 1 on August 10th. This last year my little boy has grown to be a complete ham, loves anything he can take apart (wonder where he got that gene from!), has a stubborn streak like none other, and an infectious laugh. He has completely stolen my heart and I cannot imagine my life without him.

We threw a backyard party to celebrate the little guy's birthday and invited about 30 of our family and friends. We've gotten to be good friends with a couple other families on the island and all of us have boys that were born within 5 weeks of Timmy. Thankfully it didn't rain that day and we were able to turn the boys loose in the yard to play with Timmy's new wagon, tricycle, push cart, and the myriad of other toys he's now the proud owner of. Dude seriously cleaned up big time for his birthday! He wasn't quite sure what to make of his cake but definitely enjoyed his first bite of ice cream! I think his crowning moment was when he decided to pinch out his candle flame with his thumb and index finger. He did it so quickly that I didn't have time to stop him...just reached out, pinched the flame, and didn't skip a beat! Gave me a mini heart attack but didn't bother him in the least. Not sure whether that's a good thing or not...

Mom and I made Timmy a train cake for his birthday!

...and we used a sugar coffee stir for the smokestack.

Timmy didn't exactly dive in for his first taste of cake. Ice cream was a home run though!

Sara w/ Rudy, Gretchen w/ Howard, and Momma and the birthday boy.

Timmy's not quite walking, YET, but can stand pretty well on his own for quite a while before losing his balance. He's a master cruiser and I wonder if he'll be one of those babies that one day just walks across the room! Within the last week he has perfected the art of going down the stairs backwards. He shows his dislike for certain foods he is unsure of by throwing them to the ground and shaking his head back and forth. Dirt and rocks are a new favorite thing for him. We took him to the beach at Fay Bainbridge State Park today and he thoroughly enjoyed playing in the sand and watching the waves come in. Then his inner daredevil reared his head and he made a dash for the waves. I truly believe if I hadn't stopped him, he would have happily gone for a dunk.

Yesterday Timmy and I met up with our new friends Bethany & Kristoffer and their little boy Samuel for the Kitsap County Fair. Timmy and Samuel loved checking out the llamas, horses, donkeys, reindeer, geese, and even got to pet Black Angus cows! To be honest though, Timmy seemed to get more enjoyment out of the balloons a local credit union was passing out, watching the ceiling fans in the main hall, and playing ball with a girl he met on the grass while we ate lunch. There are days when I would love to know what's going on in his head.

Lastly, I spent my first night away from Timmy to make a quick trek with Jim down to the Bay Area for a friend's wedding. For weeks leading up to this fateful day, I struggled with feelings of excitement, worry, and guilt. Jim's folks came up to watch Timmy and I am thankful to report, he was a total champ for them! Turns out my worries were baseless. He slept through the night, spared them the agony of a food strike, and entertained them with his quirky self.

Timmy's not quite tall enough get a lot of traction just yet but boy does he love the little bell on the handle!

What kid doesn't have a Radio Flyer wagon?!

...another birthday present from our good friends, the Raffa's. Timmy has spent hours pushing this little car around the deck.

Bad hair day.

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