Friday, May 29, 2009

What a crazy month!

Another busy month for the Voss family! Timmy and I flew out to Denver for Mothers Day to see my sister Lindsay. My mom met up with us too and we had a great 5 days together, just us girls...and a little dude. Timmy was a total champ on the flight from Seattle, but wow did we have a horrible flight coming back. Most of you know I'm not exactly a huge fan of flying. I put on a good face for Timmy though, because I don't want him to be a total freak like his mommy. When we were little, Lindsay hated sitting next to me on planes because I would seriously have a complete breakdown. Anyway, Timmy pitched an absolute fit. He did the scream-nurse-10 minute sleep routine twice before waking up and (I'm not kidding here) projectile vomiting all over the both of us. Yuck. I was seconds from losing it. But Timmy looked so relieved after he was done and pretty much off and on nursed/slept until we landed in Seattle. I peeled off his clothes and held him in his favorite giraffe blankie the rest of the flight. Needless to say, I was exhausted when Jim met us at baggage claim.

A couple days later we headed down to Portland for Jim's mom's birthday. A whirlwind trip down and back but we got to see Jim's family and spend a some quality time with his sister Rachel and my favorite newphew Matty! He's about 15 months old now and running all over the place. Makes me wonder, is Timmy EVER going to crawl? I'm starting to think he's being a little lazy about it. I mean, he can push himself backwards all over the place. Not exactly the quickest way to get around but he seems content with it.

Timmy also had his 9 month checkup this month. Let's just say at birth, Timmy was a big baby...8 lbs, 3 oz. and 21.5 inches long. For a family that isn't full of tall people, he was a giant! Since then though, he's been steadily climbing DOWN the charts. He's now in the 15th% for height and 18th% for weight. A shrimp! Our pediatrician gave me some great tips on getting more calories and fat into Timmy diet so we'll see how that goes. He still hates cheese and yogurt but I've began putting a tiny bit of butter in with his veggies and meat dishes. Last week I pureed pork, brown rice, steamed pears, and sweet potato together and Timmy couldn't get enough of it. Jim and I think it looks like glue but if Timmy likes it, that's all I care about. I think he gets his finicky eating from me. Poor guy!

Just a couple other Timmy updates...he loved his trip to the Seattle Aquarium, is a regular on the weekend to the pool still, says "duh duh" when he sees his favorite stuffed ducky, likes to eat grass when we play out in the yard (yes, I let me kid eat grass), and is turning into quite the cuddler. His hair is getting pretty wavy and more blond everyday. His eyes are still beautiful BLUE and I can see another 2 teeth getting ready to break through on top. He bounces to tunes he likes and shrieks with delight too. Jim's been working on a major garage demolition and remodel and Timmy loves to sit out there on his alphabet mat with his daddy and watch him build away. The noises sometime startle him a bit but don't seem to phase him in the least!

I think Timmy's upset that Auntie Lindsay gets beer and all he gets is a sippy cup with water.

Lindsay, Mom, Timmy and I

Jim would say it's never too early to teach your little ones how to use the power tools!

The idea of a bib is still totally lost on Timmy.

Jim, Timmy and his Nana.

All cozied up after bathtime!!!

This was the first time in months that I've actually needed to wear sunglasses...

Yes, I know what a cutie I've got!

Timmy loves to sit on his Daddy's shoulders. Think of the view he'd get his Grandpa Rich!

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