Friday, April 24, 2009


What a great month this has been for the Voss family! Timmy is, as of last week, pushing himself...backwards...around the house, has 4 teeth, is sleeping for nearly 9 hours at night before waking up to nurse, still loves swimming with his Mommy at the pool on Sundays, and enjoys chewing on his toes! He is a nonstop chatterbox. The M, D, B, and G sounds are his favorites. When he's especially excited about something, like bathtime, you can hardly get a word in.

For those of you who see me (or talk to me) on a regular basis, you've no doubt heard me talk about Timmy's solid food "issues". Timmy is never one to refuse nursing, but wow has he been one difficult dude about the solids. I would place him in his problem! Timmy watches me as I get his food ready...the food I am making from SCRATCH. No jar foods for him. How could he be so lucky? He sees the spoon, looks at me with a mischevious smirk, and shakes his head "no, thank you". Ahhhhhhhh!!!! This went on for the better part of 2 weeks, finally advancing to an all out solid food strike for 3 days. Then, miraculously enough, my stubborn boy decided solids were okay again, and now he's eating everything in site. Well, nearly everything. I mean, let's keep it real. Timmy's current favs are the "chicken delight" (just pureed chicken, sweet potato, and pear), broccoli, squash, banana, and blueberry. What do we still hate you ask? Yogurt, mango, and cereal.

I'll end by asking readers of this blog to voice your opinion on a VERY IMPORTANT matter. Timmy's mullett! It's growing like none other and I love it. Jim, on the other hand, wants to chop it off and spare Timmy the misery of another person at the park mistaking him for a girl. Seriously now, does he look like a girl? No. And when somebody dresses their baby in ALL BLUE, isn't that kind of a hint towards a certain gender. Anyway, vote away people!
Jim and I went to a "brunch with the babies" last weekend. So much fun! I think there were 7 or 8 couples there, all of whom had at least one baby under the age of 1. Obviously Timmy is the handsome little fella, 2nd from the left. Rudy is next to him on the right and Howard is at the far right. I've become good friends with their mommies, Sara and Gretchen.

Timmy loves the swings at Battlepoint Park on the island. No joke, a woman mistook him for a girl in this outfit!
I don't know if you can see in this picture or not but, Timmy has the most expressive eyebrows...just like his Auntie Lindsay! He loved playing with the daises, well, and trying to eat them.
Another one of Timmy's new delights...sitting on Daddy's shoulders!

I love this little boy more than anything in the world.

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