Saturday, February 14, 2009

Timmy is 6 MONTHS OLD!!!

Where has the time gone? Seriously. Can the little boy we brought home from the hospital be the spunky little dude who's sitting up all on his own, saying "ma" and "ba" sounds, and enjoying Dr. Seuss books with me? Timmy had his 6 month checkup yesterday and he's officially doubled his birth weight. He now tipps the scales at 16 pounds, 13 ounces. He's 26.6 inches tall. This puts him in the 53% for height and 36% for weight. What a noggin he's got the 90% there! He took his booster shots like a total champ, he hardly cried at all!
When I think of the personality Timmy has already developed at just 6 months, I'm blown away. He's quite social, absolutely loves to people watch and can be quite the ham, especially when we're running errands around town. Seems the most frequent comments we get are, "wow, those are some BLUE eyes he has", "that's one alert boy you've got", or "he's just into everything, isn't he?" Timmy is reaching for everything, constantly gathers up his bath toys in his lap during bathtime, and is trying his hardest to fit his rubby ducky in his mouth. He hasn't succeeded yet.

If I had to describe Timmy in 3 words, I guess they would be: active, smiley, and stubborn. Timmy, when awake, wants constant action. Although I admit that when I'm especially tired, I wonder what it must be like to have one of those more "content" babies (you mommies know what I'm talking about), I love that Timmy constantly studies things, that he's mesmorized by his plastic building blocks, and that I can already see his daddy in him, wondering how things work, or how he can take them apart! Timmy smiles at practically everybody. He's an equal opportunity smile giver, but he can be so incredibly stubborn. He's not shy about letting you know when he's not pleased about something. We get the stiff back arching and screams on, still, a fairly regular basis.

Jim and I tried giving Timmy some rice cereal last Saturday. Needless to say, he hated it. Still hates it. Hates carrots, applesauce too. I'm debating about trying bananas but am nervous to get him going on the fruits before the veggies. My favorite veggie is asparagus. I might try pureeing that for him. Timmy typically takes a good 2 - 4 weeks before he decides he likes ANYTHING new (ex: his jumperoo) so I'm hoping by the end of the month he'll have decided I'm not a meanie for trying to feed him some solids. What I'm trying my hardest to not do is force him to eat anything. He'll come around in his own time.

Timmy is fascinated by the spoon. It's just when the spoon gets anywhere close to his mouth that the trouble starts.

I'm probably driving everybody crazy with the bathtime pictures. We've starting putting some rubber duckies in the sink with Timmy and laugh at how all he wants to eat is chew on them.

I love this little boy more than anything in the world.

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  1. Yeah!

    Solid foods are fun and exciting. They get even more wild. Ula loves the smorgasboard of food that gets dropped, thrown, and blown out.

    We fed avocados first, and our little critter loved them (and still loves them to this day!)

    I think her second favorite are the organic bananas, but they have to be just the right ripeness. Still, I get a huge boost each morning before work when she wakes up and wants her "na-na-na-na" with daddy.

    She still hates apples, applesauce, etc. In her finest tasting, she turned around and wiped her tongue on the back of the high chair. Like it was too disgusting to even wipe out with her hands!


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