Friday, February 6, 2009

Timmy the "germbot"

So it seems Timmy is a carrier of the plague! A pretty nasty flu bug has been running rampant at First Years (Timmy's daycare) despite their best efforts to keep the toys, equipment, etc. as sterilized as possible. While our little man did not get the flu, he's managed to pass it on to nearly everyone he comes into contact with...except Daddy! Lucky guy. Since I was still slowly recovering from the bug last week, we asked Jim's mom, Susan, if she would like to come up and help us take care of Timmy. Not only did she come up, she brought all of Costco with her! No joke...our refrigerator hasn't been this well stocked in years! And what parting gift did Timmy give her? Yes, the flu. Wow, did we feel guilty!

Timmy's friend, Howard, will be joining us at First Years beginning Monday. Howard and his mom, Gretchen, are in our weekly mommy group through the La Leche League and our little guys are only 2 weeks apart in age. We're hoping that Howard gets placed in the same infant room as Timmy so they can be buds together during the day. The morning "teacher" at First Years, also named Susan, is absolutely wonderful. God bless her, I couldn't do what she does...she seriously just loves babies! She's been in the infant room for over 15 years and Timmy adores her. On Thursday morning she jokingingly informed me that Timmy hoards toys from some of the other infants. She wasn't kidding! I had no sooner placed Timmy on the soft mat when I saw him gathering up every toy around him. He's still not mobile yet but he can reach pretty far when he's sitting up. To top it off, he yanked a couple toys out of Niall's hands...right in front of his parents. That's my boy! Now I totally get that the concept of sharing isn't anywhere on Timmy's radar right now but I couldn't help but feel a mixture of embarrassment and amusement at the same time. It was pretty funny...

Ah, bet you wish you knew what I'm thinking about right now!

I'm sure if Timmy could, he would tell his wonderful Nana how truly sorry he is for giving her the flu!
This is what happens when Daddy dresses Timmy - flame leggings and pants on his head...

Timmy seriously has more facial expressions than I have ever seen on another baby. We can go from happy to raging in seconds.

Playing Superman with Daddy is one of Timmy's new favorite things.

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