Saturday, February 28, 2009

...and we're loving the SOLIDS!!!

What a difference a couple weeks make! Timmy has gone from absolutely hating solids, to trying just about anything. Of course, this doesn't mean he'll take more than one bite of something but, we're getting there.

Timmy's official first "solid" was bananas. I know, I know, I said I wanted to do veggies first because I was terrified that if I started on the fruits first, that he would refuse the veggies. I was desperate, what can I say? Truth be told, it was by total accident that my little man even ate the banana in the first place. Jim and I were making a smoothie for breakfast and Timmy showed some interest in the bananas I was putting in the blender. Without thinking, I took a bite of the banana, mashed it a bit between my teeth, spit some out on my finger (yes, it was that gross) and he wolfed it down. That's right, I fed Timmy like a little freakin' bird. It wasn't until the next day that he would let me feed him from anything but my finger...we advanced to the spoon.

Since that fateful day we've had sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, pears, avocado, and squash. So far, I'm making all of Timmy's food. It's cheaper, and I enjoy being able to give him meals that haven't been sitting on a store shelf for months. Who knows whether I'll be able to keep up with it as the months go but it's what we're going with for now.

Jim and I took Timmy to the local pool for the first time last weekend. He loved it! Our little man absolutely loves people watching...what better place to do that than the pool?! There must have been a couple hundred kids there during the family swim session. We only stayed in the water for about a half hour (the water isn't quite as warm as I would have liked) but Timmy let me swim around with him, and even let me dunk him once! Two teenage girls came up to us and said what a cute little guy I've got and Timmy totally hammed it up for them. I said to him afterwards that he's a bit young to be flirting with the older girls...

Timmy's new "thing" he does during bathtime is turning off the faucet. Jim lets Timmy stand up in the sink (with support of course!) and Timmy has learned how to turn off the faucet. It's now and endless game of Jim turning the water on...and Timmy instantly turning the water back off!

I'll sign off for now by telling everyone how excited I am that Timmy is FINALLY starting to sleep through the night! He's accomplished this feat 4 times in the last week. Last night was no such treat though. Little man woke up 5 TIMES. Oh well, I guess it's still a work in progress.

Timmy after his butternut squash and carrots lunch today. The idea of a bib is a total waste of time with Timmy so far. All he wants to do the second I try to put one on is play with it, which makes an even bigger mess!

Timmy is seriously infatuated with his ducky. It's the only stuffed animal he's shown even a remote interest in. I should probably be thankful...I'm dreading a house filled to the brim with toys he's never going to play with. He's still more entertained by his plastic building blocks or books. Yeah!

What can I say? I have big hopes of Timmy going to Cal someday...

Auntie Lindsay got Timmy these kick booty Pumas!

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