Thursday, January 1, 2009

Timmy's First Christmas!

Well this year was not only Timmy's first Christmas but, it was also my first "white" Christmas ever! We embarked on our journey to Portland to see Jim's family on Christmas Eve morning with a little over 2 feet of snow in our yard. The drive was a little sketchy at parts, mostly dealing with the annoying drivers who insisted driving with CHAINS on I-5, even though it was plowed! But we made it and had a really great time. Of course Timmy was showered with more gifts than a little man knows what to do with. He's now the proud owner of a rocking horse, complete with hilarious sound effects. He can't ride it yet without help for balance but at the moment, he's too preoccupied with ripping out the mane and trying to put it in his mouth. EVERYTHING goes in his mouth these days...

My sister in law, Rachel, has an adorable boy, Matty, who will be on year old on March 8th. It constantly amazes me when I watch him cruising around the house, and chatting up a storm, that these milestones are literally right around the corner for Timmy. As most of our friends know, Timmy is already quite the talker. Lately though, he's decided he wants to be able to sit up on his own and is trying his hardest to crawl. I think he knows there's a whole world of excitement just waiting for him and it frustrates him that his lack of mobility keeps him from participating in it.

I'm guessing our family and friends had a more eventful New Years than we did. Jim and I hit the pillow at 9:30 and I repeatedly cursed our neighbors every time they lit a firecracker in our culdesac, which of course woke up Timmy. Yes, I know I shouldn't be such a grouch about the whole thing but I was tired!

My Dad and stepmom, Joan, also came to see Timmy today! Timmy now has quite the collection of Dr. Seuss books. He sat with me while we read all of The Cat In The Hat together, doing his usual shrieking at pictures I think he likes. (still no belly laughs from this dude yet). Of course we forgot, yet again, to charge our camera so I have missed out on an opportunity to get some pictures of Timmy with his Grandpa Rick and Grandma Joan. Jim and I bought ourselves a new fancy pants camera to take better pictures of Timmy but of course the memory card we have ordered hasn't shipped yet. Argh!!!!!!

Timmy with his rocking horse. At the rate he's going, there may not be any hair left on the mane by the time he can ride it on his own. He has too much fun ripping it out.

Yes, like all babies, Timmy's favorite part of Christmas was the wrapping paper and ribbons.

This bag entertained him for nearly an hour.

No...we didn't let Timmy have too much wine.

Timmy with Grandma Susan!

Timmy's smiles absolutely melt my heart every time.
Getting ready for his evening bath. This kid LOVES the water.

Timmy and his Daddy.

Not much to say here. I just really like slinging Timmy around the house.

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