Saturday, December 20, 2008

So...people who know me well know that I'm dealing with some certain "attachment" issues with my little dude. That's why today was such a big deal for me - the first time I've left Timmy for the day...well, a couple hours at least! Since Timmy will now take abottle from his Daddy (as of last Saturday), I took advantage of this new freedom and hopped the ferry to Seattle today. Unfortunately there's a major snow storm coming in so I didn't get to spend as much time shopping, etc. as I had wanted but I'll take what I can get! The forecast is predicting Bainbridge could get anywhere between 6" to 12" of snow tonight. Because the roads are so nasty, we've decided to take Amtrak down to Portland instead of driving. We'll see how that goes having Timmy on a train for 3.5 hours. I already feel sorry for the other passengers...

I also went to my monthly La Leche League meeting last week. I love this group, just a bunch of nursing mommies who get together to talk. It's been a wonderful support group for me and I've made some wonderful friends. Timmy is turning into quite the ham and every time the attention went from him to someone else, he shrieked and babbled until people looked at him again. Let's just say my man has no problem being the center of attention. I think he gets this from his Daddy! He's still as active as ever. I'm sure these last couple days of being couped inside the house have not been a treat for him. I think he really enjoys the morning and afternoon walk through downtown Seattle that he's gotten so accustomed to.
Timmy absolutely loves to stand. I've been trying to get him to work on sitting on his own but he's not such a huge fan of that at the moment.
I think Timmy looks less than thrilled about the snow in this picture!

Two girls I've gotten to be good friends with from my La Leche League group: Sara (Rudy, born 8/20) and Gretchen (Howard, born 7/25). All 3 boys are Leos and we realized at the last meeting that we had all purchased the same "Leo" onsesie from Baby Gap. Made for a fun little photo op on Tuesday!

I think it will be quite some time before we can dream of a picture where ALL the boys will look at the camera in the same shot! Assuming us girls all stay on Bainbridge, then Timmy, Rudy, and Howard will attend the same school! Kind of a neat thought to be able to explain to them someday that they've known each other since they were literally a couple weeks old.

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